“Swarthy” in the Inaugural issue of Homology lit

From their masthead: “Homology lit is a Pacific Northwest-based online literary magazine for people of color, queer folks, and people with disabilities.” Their Inaugural issue will include “Swarthy”, a remembrance of my handsome, compact Sicilian grandfather, his silence, his erasure, and what swarthiness means in our racialized social order.

Grandpa Tony welcomed my boyfriend, too, while perhaps not fully acknowledging the full nature of out relationship. He greeted him with a broad smile, a firm shake, and a clasp of the shoulder, with laughter that seemed like it was decades in the making. Where have you been?, his eyes seemed to ask as he brought him out to the backyard for a tour, enlisting him in clam-digging and setting out traps.

Many thanks to Tinbete Ermyas for reading.


Thank you for the love.