Savage Love Podcast, 11/30/2011

Appeared as a “guest expert.” Some choice moments:

“If you’re looking for a straight-identified or bisexual-identified male sex worker on rentboy, you might want to take into account that many of the escorts list themselves as straight or bi are gay. They are full-on cocksucking, legs-in-the-air, ass-fucked gay. It’s the mythical allure of straight trade is so strong, that many of these escorts…they’re employing marketing.”

“From the escorts, I get a lot questions regarding logistics, and the closing of the deal, and how to market themselves. It’s amazing to me that some of these young guys aren’t as internet-savvy as you’d think they’d be, considering that sex work has really migrated online…”

From the clients, I get the most poignant, heartfelt questions about what to do with their relationship with and escort that they one to change from a transactional one to one of a more romantic nature. It’s challenging for me to parse that, to navigate that…I don’t want to tell them… they’re looking for love in all the wrong places, because there is no wrong place to look for love… but you have to be realistic.”

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Thank you for the love.