Perfectly Queer in San Francisco

For this reading at San Francisco’s wonderful independent bookstore Dog-Eared Books Castro, I read from an excerpt for “Raunch Daddy”, story 2 of Worker Names. Also on the bill: Denise Conca, author of A Recursive Nature,  Cass Sellers, author of the thriller Finding Sky,  Wayne Goodman, and Rob Rosen. Thanks to Rick May for organizing a lively night of queer lit~


From Beny’s letter to Nick:

All is illusion except for your odor, gringuito. Let me also remind you that it is quite inconvenient–given my populist and anti-imperialist leanings–to be so enraptured by your capitalist body. You dominate me completely without raising a hand, yet here I am colonizing your pages. Sometimes when I grade my students’ compositions I hide lurid suggestions in the commentary…



Thank you for the love.