Reading in quarantena: Bespoke, 4/1

An appearance in this period of distance. I was one of the readers for Bespoke‘s first reading via Zoom. Co-organizers Tim Murphy and Christina Quintana assembled a lovely, diverse, queer group:

Christopher Castellani
Wo Chan
Georgina Escobar
Kay Gabriel
Eileen Myles
Aldrín Valdez
Crystal Valentine

I read from “Raunch Daddy,” an audience fave. A few words from my intro:

Hi from Manhattan West 30’s, or Lower Hell, as we say. I normally describe this neighborhood as “convenient, but noisy.” Not any more…

For the last year, I’ve been writing about artists: deejay Frankie Knuckles, whom I counted as a friend, photographer Alvin Baltrop, and Chilean writer/activist Pedro Lemebel. All queer people of color, who all showed us queer resilience as artists and people. We’re gonna need some of that power

Bespoke Reading Series, April 1st, 2020

Thank you for the love.