“Breaking into…” on the Whorticulturalist

The Whorticulturalist is a new-ish sex worker site with goals: 

“…reclaiming to redefine the term ‘whore’ as a woman who takes ownership of her sexuality, and can profit off of it as she chooses to, and ‘horticulture,’ the practice of cultivating and managing a living entity with the purpose of seeing it thrive.”

As a guest writer, I have a three-part series chronicling my interactions with Bryan Knight, creator of the Velvet Collar comic book series, whose point of departure is a depiction of the 2015 Rentboy Raid, and with the editors of Handbook of Male Sex Work, an upcoming textbook to which I contributed a chapter. Parts 2 and 3 drop in the following weeks, and the textbook drops in April, from UK-based  Routledge Press

Pull quote from part 1:

“Despite the fact that representations of male sex work in comics covers a brief 25-year period, the works I examined track the general migration of sex work from analog spaces like Wojnarowicz’s Times Square to online spaces like rentboy.com and locative apps such as Grindr to the present reality of increasingly scrutinized (and prosecuted) online platforms—  from street trade to SESTA/FOSTA.”

Thank you for the love.