Queer Slam Podcast

I appear on episode 33 of the Queer Slam Podcast along with LA-based writer Molly Thornton, who read a touching poetic tribute to queer LA. A memorable line: “the half-naked sparkle princes would gallop out of the lot and around the corner towards us/’You’re almost there, keep going!’ we would tell them….”

I read excepts from the essay “You’ve Got Male” from Matt Keegan: 1996 and a short preview of a work in progress (cut below). Thanks to host Tony Soto and producer Colby Holt. The episode was recorded over Zoom, and I’m pretty shouty and clear my throat a lot. Happy Listening!

Our drunk bodies landed on his bed. We’d been at it all night, though at crossed purposes: I drank along with him so he’d pass out, and he wanted the alcohol to erode my boundaries. Most nights were a draw. His bed was enormous and more like its own room, the frame of solid mahogany, in the Jacobean style, with twisting hand-carved posts, a canopy overhead, and curtains along the sides. The sheets were Pratesi, in crisp white, outlined in royal blue embroidery, ironed perfectly flat by the Colombian houseboy. As their soft sheen brushed across my cheek, I inhaled notes of detergent and singed cotton.

Thank you for the love.