“Spit and Glitter” in Crooked Fagazine No 9

During the performance–a choreographed extravaganza with colorful costumes, set pieces, props, and a background video, set to a remix to “Theme from Love Boat”–the cannon fired over the packed gallery, coating the crowd in the stuff. Some sought to avoid the cannon’s fire, but packs of us ran right into it. I found it marvelous, possibly the gayest thing ever in an inventory of very gay things. The audience glowed and sparkled. As the performance ended, we spilled out of Deitch Projects, eliciting stares from passersby on Wooster Street. The crowd dispersed, heading off to other parties, but we could identify each other from across the street, across the room, and know what we’d shared. We left sparkly trails on sidewalks throughout downtown, like slugs crisscrossing a vegetable patch. ..

“Spit and Glitter” appears in the latest issue of Crooked Fagazine–a labor of love, art, and smut by Montreal-based Jordan Coulombe. The story goes back to 2007–the analog era of cruising– when a trick, unbeknownst to me, wrote about our hookup in the pink pages of Butt magazine. (His writeup here). In the story, I turn the tables on him during a digitally-mediated reunion.

The issue is beautifully illustrated and packed full of raunch and pathos.

pgs. 12 & 13 of Crooked Fagazine No. 9

Thank you for the love.