Review of “I Could Not Believe It…” for Lambda Literary

It maps the contours of analog-era longing and tribe-seeking so that the digital children will know.”

For me—a fellow rebellious queer Gen Xer, having navigated a homophobic, white flight context—reading DeLear’s diaries had me reflecting upon my suppressed adolescent longings and marveling at DeLear’s self-assured, libidinous joy so intensely it summoned a braver teen self as if out of the metaverse, who has since replaced the one that was nearly flattened in suburban estrangement.”

^A couple of my favorites from this review. Lately I’ve been reflecting on the particular estrangement of Gen X–analog kids in a digital context, living through a reckoning on the homophobia and supremacist oppression largely unchallenged in our youths.

Thank you for the love.