KEPT BOY IN THE AFTERLIFE snatches the 2023 C&R Press Nonfiction Prize 🏆

Have to get used to saying this: My second book will be released by C&R Press in the summer of ’24. KEPT BOY IN THE AFTERLIFE is in two sections. The first chronicles my time as the kept boy of a British society decorator in 80s New York City; the second tracks how I took back my agency and my desire in a post 9/11, digital era afterlife of recovery, sex work, and reckonings.

With deep love and appreciation for those who have mentored me through writing this book: Audacia Ray, who organized writing workshops and media trainings with Red Umbrella; Bruce Benderson, who suggested the form of this memoir in his workshop, Saeed Jones, whose guidance during our Lambda Literary retreat vastly improved this and my first book; and Tim Murphy, whose workshop gave me the opportunity to work through the Afterlife section.

Thank you for the love.